What if there was one destination

May 2017

What if there was one destination where you could replenish spiritually, and at the same time experience and enjoy cutting-edge aesthetic technologies and equipment, all under one roof.  From nutrition counseling to facials, soothing and rejuvenating lotions, including some that apply the latest scientific research on stem cell applications, to vitamin B-12 drips to enhance our lives organically, all of this and much, much more is within your reach.

Spa Lourdes, nestled against the Santa Monica Mountains in Agoura Hills, is now open, here to guide you on the path to fusing your physical wellness and your spiritual healing. You will find an enchanting environment, dedicated to the theory that living longer is what we all desire, but living longer and having true quality of life is key. We will continually counsel you on our cutting-edge treatments, nutritional support and breakthrough skin care. When coupled with a consciousness towards healing the spirit, we believe we can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s face it: every day we have deadlines to meet, from battling traffic trying to get your kids to school or just trying to get to work or anywhere, especially in SoCal. The millennial’s are busy exercising their fingers on technology, while the next generation, the 40’s and up are being dubbed the “sandwich generation”  ~ because there are still so many responsibilities for kids (even grown kids), but at the same time many are taking on more responsibility for caring for aging parents. All this responsibility takes its toll on us, inside and out.

So there’s a real paradigm shift taking place: we’re starting to change our priorities. There is an unprecedented search on for something different; something that helps remind us of what’s really important, and can transport us there. Through meditation, yoga, dietary modification, music or whatever we can find, we’re more aware than ever that our spiritual health needs to be nurtured.

Let our team of aestheticians, spiritual psychologists, medical professionals and nutrition experts inspire you towards beauty, healing and longevity from the inside and out.

SPA LOURDES is located at 5015 Cornell Rd Suite D Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301. T: 805-277-4808________.


Wade Twitchell

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